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Kenosha Celebrates National Chess Day 2015

posted Oct 24, 2015, 7:46 PM by Allan C   [ updated Oct 24, 2015, 8:19 PM ]

The Kenosha Chess Association recently celebrated National Chess Day on October 17th with the Kenosha Public Library.  The program for the day was designed to provide "something for everyone".  Free chess instruction was provided from 10 am to noon, with several beginners learning how the pieces moved, and more experienced players learning about openings, strategy and tactics.  With strong publicity by both the library and the Kenosha Chess Association, we had a great turnout with approximately 75-80 people participating throughout the day.  Sponsored by the Kenosha Public Library and the Kenosha Chess Association, the activities were free to all participants.

The highlight of the day was local girls chess champion Anupama Rajendra playing a Simultaneous Chess Exhibition.  Anupama played 22 players at the same time, including her father.  Anu lives in the Kenosha area and is a tenth grader in high school.  She is a strong chess player and has won the USCF All Girls National Championships two years in a row, and tied for first a third year.  She has also participated in World Youth Chess Championships in Dubai and the U.A.E.  The room was hushed as Anu steadily worked her way around the room, viewing the opponents move, pausing, and then quickly playing her own move.  The other players had to be prepared with their move when Anu approached, or they could request to "pass" if they weren't prepared to move.  As Anu started to win the early games, the speed of the other games increased.  At one point an opponent exclaimed out loud as Anu surprised him with a strong move.  The other players winced sympathetically.  At another point, Vince Mackay surprised the other players by stating, "Checkmate!"  Vince is a local high school student at Indian Trails High School.  It took around 1 hour, 35 minutes for Anu to complete all 22 games.  She won over 95% of her games, with 21 wins, one loss and no draws (including defeating her own father, Rajendra Mudlapur).  Congratulations Anu for a great performance!

The day concluded with a two hour "scramble" format chess tournament.  It is considered a scramble tournament because players were re-paired for their next game as quickly as possible, without waiting for an entire round of games to finish first.  Kenosha Chess Association President Allan Cargille served as the Tournament Director.  Players were assigned to Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced sections based on age and chess experience.  The tournament was a great success, with 25 players participating.  For around eight players it was their "first time ever" participating in a chess tournament.  The tournament was based on a Swiss-style format, where all players get to keep playing and there is no elimination.  Sportsmanship prizes were also awarded in each section.

The tournament winners were:

Beginners:  First - Cavan Paff and Mirandi McCormick (tied with 1 point each).  Third - Jade Hutchinson.

Intermediate:  First - Cade Almaraz (5 points), Second - Christopher Maksimik and Jack McCarthy (tied with 4 points each).  Sportsmanship - Karl Paff and Cheryl McCormick.

Advanced:  First - Seth Zgorzelski and Matt Morovic (tied with 5 points each), Third - Tyler Fritz (4 points).  Sportsmanship - Chris Maksimik, Sr.

Congratulations to all our winners!  We look forward to celebrating National Chess Day again with the library in October 2016!