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Tournament May 2012

New!  See early registrations below:
The Kenosha Chess Club is sponsoring a USCF-rated Swiss-style tournament May 12th for all chess players (students grades K-12 and adults).  No elimination, all players play all rounds.  Players will be divided into 3 sections based on student/adult and USCF rating:
Open Division open to all USCF members, K-12 students and adults
U1400 Reserve Division for K-12 students and adults (no rating, or rating under 1400)
U1000 Scholastic Division for K-12 students only (no rating, or rating under 1000)
Open Division:  Cash prizes.  First $100, Second $50, Third $25 (based on 30 players in this section)
U1400 Reserve:  3 individual trophies, plus prizes or medals to all players
U1000 Scholastic: 12 individual trophies, top 3 overall and top 3 by grades (K-2, 3-5, 6-8), plus prizes or medals to all.
The tournament cost is only $10/player with early registration via email (by May 3rd).
Players in the Scholastic and Reserve sections who pre-register by May 3rd (and do not win a trophy) will receive a quality magnetic chess set or regulation tournament chess set and vinyl board (organizer’s choice).  This is a $10-$15 retail value for each player!
USCF membership is required, purchase or renew in advance here.
For additional details, see the tournament flier below.  You can download the tournament flier in PDF format by clicking on the red "down arrow" below.
Early Registrations

Open Section: 


Jack Thain, USCF 13785212

Stephan Desmoulin, USCF 12777367

Avinash Rajendra, USCF 14061212

Anupama Rajendra, USCF 14061227

Adam W. Dreuth, USCF 14331435

Dennis Seibel, USCF 12649640

Tom Chryst, USCF 12625649

Leo Ma, USCF 14435222

Kevin Geiss, USCF 12794883

Matt Waller, USCF 12876397



Reserve U1400 Section:


Kavin Lavari, USCF 14152065

Allan Cargille, USCF 14534556

Stephanie Ran, USCF 14197398

Eric Ran, USCF 14079958

Mark Kennedy, USCF 14921346



Scholastic U1000 Section:


Divya Pandey, USCF 14537158, Grade 2

Ritika Pandey, USCF 14537164, Grade 4

James Zhang, USCF 14587152, Grade 1

Thomas Cargille, USCF 14163112, Grade 7

Maria Cargille, USCF 14163127, Grade 5

John Cargille, USCF 14534562, Grade 2

Stanley Nicholson, USCF ID 14918013, Grade 4

Bailey Chryst, USCF 14391215, Grade 4
Allan C,
Apr 23, 2012, 7:17 PM