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January 2014 - Free Scholastic Chess Tournament!

Please note some minor changes below.  Changes are highlighted and updated flier is attached.

Thanks to a generous sponsor, this event is free for all scholastic players!  Offering both Unrated and USCF-rated sections!

LakeView Technology Academy

   Chess Tournament


Trophies!  Prizes!  Free!


Who:              All students grades K-12


When:            Saturday, January 11, 2014.  Check in from 8 to 8:30 am. 

Awards ceremonies by section, estimated between 1 and 4 pm.


Where:          LakeView Technology Academy, 9449 - 88th Ave, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

                      Easy access from I-94.  Located on County H just north of Highway 165

How:           All students will play 4 or 5 games of chess in a Swiss-style (modified round robin) format.  There is no elimination, and each student will play each round.  All are welcome, beginners to advanced players.  K2 and K5 sections will play 5 rounds, Game/25 with 5 second delay.  K8 and K12 sections will play 4 rounds, Game/45 with 5 second delay.


Sections:     Four unrated sections based on grade (see below) and one USCF-rated section


Prizes:   K-2 Unrated:  3 individual trophies, 10 medals, team trophies combined with K-5

              K-5 Unrated:  3 individual trophies, 10 medals, 3 team trophies (with K-2)

              K-8 Unrated:  3 individual trophies, 10 medals, team trophies combined with K-12

              K-12 Unrated: 3 individual trophies, 10 medals, team trophies with K-8 and K-12

              K-12 USCF:  Individual trophies to top 3 overall, U1400, U1000, U600, Unrated.

          10 medals, 3 team trophies (combined with K-8 and K-12 Unrated)


Teams:          Two or more students in the same division (K2 K5 or K8 K12) from the same school are automatically also a “team.”  The team score is the sum of the top 4 individual scores.

Cost:              Free with early email registration by January 8th at 11 pm

                      Or $5 per student if registering at the door (payable by cash or check to KCA)


To Pre-Register:  Email name, grade, school, section (Unrated K2, K5, K8, K12, or K12 USCF) to by January 8th at 11 pm.  Include USCF ID for USCF section.

Permission Slips are required.  Download from  or fill them out at check in.

Adults:        Adult supervision is required for individual students grades K-8 and all teams.

Food:          Lunch and other goodies will be available for purchase.  Or bring your own.

Bring:         Chess sets, books or other quiet activities for breaks between each round.


Large skittles area!

Large playing rooms!

Free wireless internet access!

Free parking!

For More Information:  contact Tournament Director Allan Cargille at 773-263-5565.


Sponsored by the Kenosha Chess Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated

 to promoting chess education and activities in the greater Kenosha area

Pre-Registration Information (as of January 7th)

Section:  K2 Grade Team
Eltoft, Emma 1 SJCA
Peacy, Keagan 2 DIMENS
Moore, Calvyn 1 HARVEY
Kindsvater, Andres 2 SMRSEL
Section:  K5 Grade Team
Pedersen, Justin 3 PETTY
Lourigan, Lily 5 ROSVLT
Eltoft, Lucas 3 SJCA
Lee, Timothy 5 MCKNLY
McCarthy, Jack 3 WESTEL
Cargille, John 4 ASCS
Kandrakota, Srisupraja 4 ASCS
Janes, Emerson 3 HARVEY
Heard, Sarah 3 WESTEL
Williams, Erick 5 STHPRT
Moore, Christopher 3 HARVEY
Hittola, Nathan 5 ROSVLT
Quintero, AJ 5 FRSTEL
Aldridge, Noah 3 HARVEY
Smiley, Xavier 4 FRSTEL
Section:  K8 Grade Team
Cargille, Maria 7 ASCS
Booher, Sean 3 STGIL
Aspenleiter, Ryan 7 HOLYAP
Mildbrandt, Kayli 7 SILVER
Steger, Mason 7 SILVER
Ceku, Bennett 7 FRSTMS
Green, Collin 8 FRSTMS
Larson, Michael TBD TBD
Petersen, Seth 7 BRMPTN
Section:  K12 Unrated Grade Team
Zorro, Aza 8 FRSTMS
Lundy, Brandon 11 LAKEVU
Barekat, Adam 3 TBD
Huff, Micheal 10 LAKEVU
Larson, Michael 10 INDTRL

Section:  K12 USCF Grade Team USCF ID Rating
Rajendra, Anupama 8 CONN 14061227 1929
Haddock, Maddysen 4 STJOHN 15294925 482
Baskerville, Conan 4 STJOHN 15329490     UNR
Nygren, Adam 12 LAKEVU 14532042 1139
Calinescu, Adrian 5 HICRST 15093582 1321
Calinescu, Gabriel 2 MCKNZI 15242726 569
Smith, Jessica 10 LAKEVU 15244085     UNR
White, Gavin 9 FRNKLN 14470421 622
Capitan, Luigi 10 FRNKLN TBD     UNR
Hill, Patrick 11 FRNKLN TBD     UNR
Roberts, Eric 11 FRNKLN TBD     UNR
Cimoch, Cole 9 FRNKLN 14703433 442
Sajja, Nihar 10 FRNKLN 14233868 102
Bartels, Kathryn 11 FRNKLN TBD     UNR
Bachofen, Noah 11 FRNKLN TBD     UNR
Mhasker, Neha 5 STALPH 15000644 786

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