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Dec 2014 - All Saints Catholic School

All Saints Catholic School

Chess Tournament 

Trophies!  Prizes!  Fun!

Who: All students grades K-12

When: Saturday, December 6, 2014. Check in from 8 to 8:30 am.
Awards ceremony after fifth round, estimated between 2 and 3 pm.

Where: All Saints Catholic School (South Campus), 7400 - 39th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53142
Enter from 40th Avenue (a one-way street), and park in the large playground south of the school building. Enter the main school entrance close to the playground, Door 10.

How: All students will play 5 games of chess in a Swiss-style (modified round robin) format. There is no elimination, and each student will play each round. All are welcome, beginners to advanced players. Games will be Game/25 with 5 second delay.

Sections: Four unrated sections based on grade (see below) and one USCF-rated section

Prizes: K-2 Unrated: 3 individual trophies, medals to all, team trophies combined with K-5
K-5 Unrated: 3 individual trophies, 10 medals, 3 team trophies (with K-2)
K-8 Unrated: 3 individual trophies, 10 medals, 3 team trophies (with K12 Unrated)
K-12 Unrated: 3 individual trophies, 10 medals, 3 team trophies (with K8 Unrated)
K-12 USCF: Individual trophies top 3 overall, top K8U1000, K5U600, K3U400,
Unrated. 10 medals, 1 team trophy. USCF membership is required for this section only, join in advance at .

Teams: Two or more students in the same section from the same school will automatically be considered a “team.” The top four individual scores are added to create the team score.

Cost: $10/student with early email registration, or $15/student if registering on-site. All payments at check-in, cash or checks to “All Saints Catholic School”

To Pre-Register: Email first name, last name, grade, school and which section (K2, K5, K8, K12 Unrated, or K12 USCF) to by December 3rd at 11 pm.

Permission Slips are required. Download here or fill them out at check in.

Adults: Adult supervision is required for individual students grades K-8 and all teams.
Spectators are allowed in the playing area and are welcome to watch the games.

Food: Lunch and other goodies will be available for purchase. Or bring your own.

Bring: Chess sets, books or other quiet activities for breaks between each round.

For More Information: contact Tournament Director Allan Cargille at 773-263-5565.

Flier: To download a PDF flier, click on the small red arrow at the bottom right.
Allan C,
Oct 23, 2014, 4:53 PM